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Lekhaa Business Books = Orders Processing + Cloud Accounting

All business operations in one place.
Orders Processing

Orders Processing

Organised-Orders, EDI, Capture Leads, B2B WHOLESALE PORTAL !
Reduce time of orders processing cycle = Increase customer satisfaction !

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Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting

Manage business activities with cloud accounting! (GST based). Cloud computing, accounting and inventory management software, providing accounting as a SaaS business model.

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Customized E.R.P.

Customized E.R.P.

Department-wise separate modules as per the need of the business, connected centrally into a single database system. (Enterprise Resource Planning)

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Order Seen
Accepted / Rejected
Received Payment
Invoice Generated
Dispatch / Shipped
Delivered (Completed)

Benefits using

Send Orders

Send B-to-B orders :-
 eg. 1. Dealers can order to stockiest/company
  2. Company Orders another company for raw materials

Get Orders

1) Any one can create company and create products list.
2) Orders can be received in Inbox.
3) Orders alert will get via email & SMS
4) Sales-persons can get orders for their company.
5) Sales-persons can get traced by GPS while receiving orders.

Complete track of orders

Receiver and sender, both can keep track of orders.
The Order process involves:-
  1. Send Order
  2. Invoice Generation from order
  3. Payment confirmation
  4. Delivery of Order


Perfect & Automatic accounting while making transactions. No need of accounting knowledge to operate and understand.

Access to CA

Set different accountants for different tasks. You can also give copy of data to CA to handle & CA can change data in copy accordingly and get you result.

Be GST Ready

Automatic reports of GSTR will be created as per your business in the uploadable form on government websites.

Special Order Management

Receive order from multiple customers/dealers manage multiple order & grow your business faster.

Multiple Branches & Multiple Business

Handle multiple branches from one location. Receive & compare data from multiple branches & get proper control over multiple business.

Set Price List

Set the price of your products according to customer type for eg. Wholesale customer, retail customer will get different prices while making invoice.

Safe & Secure

100% safe & secure your data with & no need to fear of loss/damage of data or PC. No PC problems & nobody can check your PC for data.

Access Data Anytime & Anywhere

No need to carry files, reports to the CA or customers. No need to carry laptops to show any accounting or calculations since the lakhaa has been webapp you can access your data on any device at any time.